1965 - 1966

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Director: George F. Kramer

Officer Body


  • President: Joseph Murray 
  • Vice President: Mike Friedel
  • Secretary: Paula Yakely
  • Treasurer: Ed Harne
  • Historian: John Tanner


  • President: Joseph Murray 
  • Vice President: Jan Snyder
  • Secretary: Paula Yakely
  • Treasurer: Chris Patterson
  • Historian: Doug Zier

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Men's Triples Balancing - Joe Murray, Chris Patterson, and George Kramer
  • Best Female Trouper: Paula Holtan
  • Best Male Trouper: Mike Friedel and Doug Zier

As We See It

"Two decades have passed since the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe began in 1946.  Dr. David A. Field inaugurated this Troupe as another campus activity to broaden the life of interested Maryland students.  Twenty years ago, the Troupe had less than ten members.  Tonight, twenty years later and fifty strong, after ten road shows and months of practice, we present the Home Show 1966.  We wish to express our thanks to you for your interest, with the hope that we live up to your expectations."
1966 Home Show Program

20 years.  Few clubs on campus could make the claim to such longevity.

George Kramer returned from Louisiana State University to continue as director this year.

Joseph Murray served a second year as President of the Gymkana Troupe, the first trouper to do so.

For Home Show, the Troupe chose the theme, "As We See It."  Each act in the show was meant to portray a feeling or emotion.

One feeling that must have been paramount among the troupers as they performed in Gymkana’s 20th annual Home Show is pride.

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