This website would not be possible without the incredible effort of Todd Supple, including the creation of the original history book, "Gymkana Troupe: The First 50 Years", published in 1997. (Read his foreword here)

Here are his acknowledgments from that publication.

This is the work of many people.  I would like to start off by thanking the three men most responsible for the fact that Gymkana has actually had a 50 year history - Dr. David A. Field, Dr. George F. Kramer, and Dr. Joseph Murray.  Their support, efforts, and comments as this work took shape were invaluable.

My thanks also to the many people who contributed stories, information, pictures, and support - Yuri Achille, Fred Altiere, Dave Andersen, Warren Balogh, Rich Baum, Amy Blades, Bernie Bohince, Spencer Boileau, Diana (Hunt) Brande, Soozie (Eisen) Brendler, Jody (Steinberg) Brown, Clint Bucco, Joanne Cavanaugh, David T. Cheng, Lizet Christiansen, Sue (Kramer) Cohen, Mike Comberiate, Anna Dato, Kathy (McGuire) Dougherty, Evy Dumas, Tom Fennelly, Stacey (Collins) Fisher, Bill Foland, Christine Garrett, RoseAnne (Scotti) Georgiades, Howard Griffin, Joan (Essex) Guglielmino, Bob Hallwig, Dick and Shirley Heintz, Jim and Barbara (Headlee) Houck, Dorothy Houlditch, Denise Hunt, John Iacangelo, Jimmy Infante, Mary (McGowan) King, Jeff Kinney, Al Kuckhoff, Judy Kuester, Nancy Leggieri, Jim Lisehora, Marion (Copping) Lisehora,  Debbie (Nelson) MacPherson, Bill Mathis, Hirschel McGinnis,  Theresa Messina, Steve and Chris (Sturek) Miller, Julie (Schwarz) Miller, Emily Montfort, Josh and Dani (Offen) Montfort, Nick Orrick, Anna Padlan, Cecilia Padlan, Patricia Padrino, Bob Phillips, Chuck Pinckney, Danielle Polizzi, Sara Pula, Christine Redding, Hiley Saint Vincent, Jonathan Szczepanski, Philip Szczepanski, Paul and Margie (Jones) Simmers, Dave Simon, Michelle Smith, Kelly Soltysiak, Joyce (Kalimon) Steinberg, Nell Sydavar, George and Chick (Cheek) Terrell, Don and Jean (Scott) Wagner, Scott Welsh, Carol Whitney, and Melissa Yacuk.  My apologies to anybody I might have inadvertently forgotten.

Acknowledgment also goes to all of the writers of the newpaper stories included, as well as to the publications from which they came, especially the Diamondback.

Finally, my thanks to all the unnamed troupers who took the pictures, wrote the diaries, and kept together the pieces of Gymkana memorabilia throughout the past 50 years.  This work would not have been possible without their efforts. 

Todd Supple