1956 - 1957

Director: George F. Kramer

Officer Body

  • President: Steck Brink
  • Vice President: Chet Witten
  • Secretary: Jean Scott
  • Treasurer: Don Wagner
  • Historians: Mary Mike Rupert and Bob Phillips

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Men's Triples Balancing - Bob Philips, George Kramer, and Chet Witten
  • Best Female Trouper: Jean Scott
  • Best Male Trouper: Chet Witten

A Shift in Emphasis

With the start of Gymkana's eleventh year, George Kramer returned to the University and officially reassumed the directorship of the Gymkana Troupe.  

The Troupe continued to have variety acts, such as magic (Jerome Dragon) and comedy juggling ("The Sophisticated Inebriates” - Steck Brink and Don Waldschmidt), but this year the Troupe began to change the acts performed in its shows, as stated by Mr. Kramer in a Diamondback article on November 30, 

"These acts place a little more emphasis on the function of gymnastics, which is the main purpose of the organization."

Tumbling and parallel bars were two of the featured acts.

The Troupe's first full performance of the year was at Kenwood High School on November 30, 1956.  

For its eleventh annual Home Show,  titled "Gymkana Presents", the Troupe put on a thirteen act show. For the first time Home Show was presented in Cole Field House. Home Show has been performed in Cole ever since.

The Troupe also traveled to Ohio to perform for the servicemen on a trip that was arranged by Gymkana alumnus Lieutenant Byron Milligan. In addition the Troupe  toured military bases in Maine over the Spring Vacation.



  • UMD Dining Hall
  • Forest Hill, MD
  • UMD Methodist Church
  • Sherwood High School, Silver Spring
  • Elm St. Junior High School, Frederick
  • Orphans' Christmas Party, Naval Gun Factory
  • U. of North Carolina Basketball Game
  • Recreation Center
  • UMD Methodist Church
  • Kenwood High School, Baltimore
  • National Institute of Health, Bethesda
  • Laurel High School
  • Sparrows Point High School
  • Dundalk High School
  • Home Show
  • Wheaton High School
  • Ohio trip
  • Army Tour, Maine
  • Oakland, MD