1957 - 1958

Director: George F. Kramer

Officer Body

  • President: Bob Phillips
  • Vice President: Tom Sigman
  • Secretary: Bonnie McCaw
  • Treasurer: Lew Smith
  • Historians: Susie Lines

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: "The Chairmen" Chairs - George Kramer and Tom Sigman
  • Best Female Trouper: Kay Reynolds
  • Best Male Trouper: Bob Phillips

This is Gymkana

George Kramer continued as Director of the Troupe.  

Jim Shipley added a new dimension to juggling by doing so while standing on a "rolly polly", a board balanced on a cylinder. The lady troupers choreographed and performed a Rhythmic Ball routine, a form of Swedish Gymnastics introduced to them by Al Dallo, a graduate assistant from the University of Argentina.

The Kollege Park Katz, a comedy men's gymnastics act, featured Bob Phillips, Marshall Klein, Bill Mathis, and Lew Smith.

The Gymkana Troupe continued to enjoy wide popularity, as evidenced by the fact that at its show at Wheaton High School on December 5, 1957, over 1500 tickets were sold ahead of time.

Once again the Troupe received an award from the USO in recognition of its efforts over the years to entertain the servicemen.  

Over spring break the Troupe traveled to Herndon, Virginia, to put on a performance at the local high school, then after returning to campus, flew out of Andrews Air Force Base to Ohio to perform for the military in shows at Clinton Air Force Base arranged once again by alumnus, Lt. Byron Milligan.

"This is Gymkana" was the theme for the twelfth annual Home Show which featured fourteen acts, ending with Statuary, depicting  important moments of “Our American Heritage”