1961 - 1962

Director: George F. Kramer

Officer Body

  • President: Bill Riley   
  • Vice President: Phil Reed
  • Secretary: Jean Nichols
  • Treasurer: Marshall Klein
  • Historian: Carolyn Brown

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Men's Triples Balancing - Bill Riley, Bob Walker, and George Kramer
  • Best Female Trouper: Jean Nichols
  • Best Male Trouper: Bill Riley

Gymnastics Illustrated

"If you can do a cartwheel or stand on your head and have the interest to learn more plus a little bit of guts, you can become a member of our troupe."  
Phil Reed, Vice President of Gymkana
Diamondback   10/24/61

George Kramer returned to directing the Troupe full time at the beginning of the year.  

At the end of its thirteen performance road show season, and for the first time in a couple of years, the Troupe had a four day trip over spring break, this time by bus to the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut and New York.  On the way back, the Troupe went on a tour of New York City and even took in a show at Radio City Music Hall.  

"Gymnastics Illustrated" was the theme of the 16th Annual Home Show on April 6 and 7.  Vaulting that year took a step in complexity with the vaulters using not one, but two boxes and three trampolets, or minitramps, to perform their routine. 

In addition, the ladies on the uneven parallel bars had their first performance in a Home Show this year.

1961-62 Itinerary.jpg