1958 - 1959

Director: George F. Kramer

Officer Body

  • President: William Bright
  • Vice President: Tom Sigman
  • Secretary: Mary Downing
  • Treasurer: Don Waldschmidt
  • Historians: Kay Reynolds

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: "The Highlanders" Mixed Triples Balancing - Phyllis Stevens, Marshall Klein, and Owen Laug
  • Best Female Trouper: Bonnie McCaw
  • Best Male Trouper: William H. Bright
    • First time this award was listed as the "David A. Field Best Trouper Award"

Have Gymnasts, Will Travel

In addition to their gymnastic pursuits, this year the members of Gymkana put a lot of effort towards making revisions to the Troupe constitution, such as to require maintenance of a C average or better to become a member.  Other requirements of attendance and participation were also discussed.

The road show season consisted of shows throughout Maryland and the immediate area. Plans for a long distance trip did not come to fruition.

The theme for the thirteenth Home Show, "Have Gymnasts Will Travel", was a takeoff on the western show "Have Gun Will Travel".  It harkened back to "Flights of Fun", the 1950 Home Show theme.  Each act represented a country or part of the world.

The parallel bars, in its third year in Home Show, represented Germany, country of origin for the discipline of gymnastics.  

Once again, as in the 1950 Home Show, the pyramids act represented Egypt.

Although some mixed doubles pairs had gone on to marry in the past, this was the first  year that a married couple, Chet and Winnie Witten, did mixed doubles.  The act had the following introduction in the Home Show program:

“Oriental grace and precision are incorporated in this doubles balancing act which is set against the splendor and color of old Japan.”

A mixed triples act, performed by Phyllis Stevens, Owen Laug, and Marshall Klein, represented Scotland and was known as “The Highlanders”.  The act would go on to take the 1959 Best Act Award.

The tongue-in-cheek introduction for the comedy act known as “The Kollege Park Katz” was as follows:

“The University of Maryland is known for being a center of culture and learning.  Observe some of the more intelligent students in these subdued and formal surroundings.”

The Hi-Flyers on the trampoline represented the United States, country of origin for the apparatus.