1963 - 1964

63-64 Troupe 2.jpg

Director: George F. Kramer (Fall), William A. Riley (Spring)

Assistant Coach: Jean Nichols

Officer Body


  • President: Chris Patterson   
  • Vice President: Joseph Murray
  • Secretary: Susie Enger
  • Treasurer: Roy Schaffer
  • Historian: Cheryl Steiner


  • President: Bob Walker   
  • Vice President: Chris Patterson
  • Secretary: Susie Enger
  • Treasurer: Bob Dryden
  • Historian: Mike Patterson and Alan Christy

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Men's Doubles Balancing - Andy Holton and Roger Mann
  • Best Female Trouper: Susie Enger
  • Best Male Trouper: Chris Patterson

Dynamic Expression

George Kramer directed the Troupe during the fall semester.  In the spring he went to Louisiana State University to do work on his PhD, but offered advise to the Troupe over the phone and through occasional visits.  

Bill Riley, a Best Trouper, took over  coaching responsibilities of the Troupe.  He was assisted by Jean Nichols, also a Best Trouper.  Both were Physical Education majors.  

    Jean Nichols has the distinction of being the only person to win the Best Trouper Award twice (1961-62 and 1962-63).  The constitution was amended during this year with a clause stipulating that a trouper could  receive the Best Trouper Award only one time.  "Once A Best Trouper, Always A Best Trouper" is how the rule came to be known.  

One of the pledges this year was Joe Murray.  Originally coming to the University of Maryland on a wrestling scholarship, he had subsequently become interested in Gymkana and had joined up.  He has been working with Gymkana ever since.

The road show schedule included ten shows at high schools and featured an appearance by the Troupe at the Governor's Conference on Physical Education.

"Dynamic Expression" was the theme for the 1964 Home Show.   The show had  twenty-four acts in all, each representing a mood or human emotion.  Tumbling was "Restlessness".  A ball routine involving many of the female troupers was "Misty Splendor".  Pyramids represented "Order".

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