1983 - 1984

1984 Troupe 2.jpg

Directors: George F. Kramer & Joseph Murray

Assistant Coach: Robert Nelligan

Officer Body

  • President: Hirschel McGinnis

  • Vice President: Buddy Brownstein

  • Secretary: Susan Kramer

  • Treasurer: Diana Diggs

  • Historian: Jim Lisehora

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Men’s Triples Balancing - Dave Andersen, Glen Rogers, and Ethan Wilansky

  • Best Female Trouper: Susan Kramer

  • Best Male Trouper: Buddy Brownstein

1983-84 “Lights, Camera, Action”

Dr. Joseph Murray directed the day to day operation of the Troupe.  Dr. Kramer assisted as much as possible in directing the Troupe, despite his duties as Acting Dean of the College of Physical Education, Recreation, and Health. Robert Nelligan also assisted. 

The Home Show theme was "Lights, Camera, Action".  Building on the more burlesque type atmosphere of the Home Show of the previous year (“Circus Spectacular”) and reminiscent of the early years of Gymkana, the show included live music at times and  comedy skits. The show was a success and it seemed that the year would end on an upbeat note. This did not turn out to be the case. Dr. Murray was informed that he would not receive tenure. It appeared that he would not be returning to the University the next year.



  • Stephen Decatur Middle School

  • Centerville Middle School

  • Hagerstown Junior College

  • Home Show