1982 - 1983

82-83 Troupe 2.jpg

Directors: George F. Kramer & Joseph Murray

Assistant Coach: Robert Nelligan

Officer Body

  • President: Buddy Brownstein

  • Vice President: Dave Simon

  • Secretary: Todd Supple

  • Treasurer: Hirschel McGinnis

  • Historian: Keith Horton

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Mixed Doubles Balancing - Dave Andersen and Carol Whitney

  • Best Female Trouper: Nancy Leggieri

  • Best Male Trouper:  Dave Simon

1982-83 “Circus Spectacular”

Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. George Kramer  continued to direct the Troupe with the assistance of Robert Nelligan.  The group had a successful road show season and went on to choose as its theme for Home Show "Circus Spectacular", a theme similar to ones done in the past.  

John Grenon, as circus barker, introduced the acts.  A gorilla (Dave Andersen), Tarzan (Jim Lisehora), Mad Doctor (John Grenon) and a few other characters wandered the stage on occasion.  Comedy Parallel Bars made a return appearance.

A highlight of the Home Show that year was the performance of two clowns during intermission.  They were George and Chick (Cheek) Terrell, Gymkana alumni from the 1950s who had been clowning around ever since (See All the World’s a Stage).


  • DeMatha Catholic High School

  • Maryland-NC State Basketball Halftime

  • Pikesville Senior High School

  • Salisbury State College

  • Hagerstown Junior College

  • Walter Johnson Senior High School

  • Elkton High School

  • Biglerville High School

  • Home Show