1977 - 1978

Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coach: Joseph Murray

Officer Body

  • President: Bernie Bohince

  • Vice President: Steve Masterman

  • Secretary: Nita Bollens

  • Treasurer: Janet Rhodes

  • Historian: Jesse Brande

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Chairs - Matt McCauley and Eric Ingersoll

  • Best Female Trouper: Janet Rhodes

  • Best Male Trouper: Scott Highton and Matt McCauley

Pulling Together

Gymkana's thirty-second year was a somewhat rocky one.  Road Show season progressed as normal, but there was a time when Dr. Kramer considered canceling the Home Show because the work necessary to put on such a show was not being done.  

Finally Dr. Kramer issued an ultimatum.  It was up to the troupers to convince him that he should go on with plans for a Home Show that year.  One of the sticking points was the fact that the script for the Home Show was far from being done.  In fact, a definite theme had not even been picked out.  The entire script was due to him the next day.  

"We took about 15 minutes to pick a theme - a Western.  We then pressed on to create a half dozen committees to write a script for each act...  A completed script was presented to Dr. Kramer and subsequently approved."

John Iacangelo 

With this reassurance and others, Dr. Kramer allowed plans for Home Show to continue.  

The theme for the show was "Best of the West."  Its premise was that Old Jim Kana was returning from the old west to join the show.  

"Traditionally, the University of Maryland's Gymkana Troupe have brought to you an array of dazzling acts based on various themes.  This year is no exception.  Our manifest destiny has taken us westward to present to you "GYMKANA'S BEST OF THE WEST".  Hold on to your seats because I reckon it's showtime!"  

1978 Home Show Program


  • Saint Anselm’s School

  • North Bethesda Junior High School

  • Seneca Valley High School

  • Wilde Lake High School

  • Laurel Senior High School

  • Home Show