1979 - 1980

Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coaches: Joseph Murray and Tom Cockley

Officer Body

  • President: Pete Wagner (spring), Robbi Rose (fall)

  • Vice President: Robbi Rose

  • Secretary: Kathy McGuire

  • Treasurer: Larry Wexler

  • Historian: Sandra Timberlake

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: (tie) Men's Doubles - Larry Wexler and Pete Wagner

    High Bar - Cavan Redmond, Jesse Brande, Jeff Wright, Bill Levenson, and Bernie Bohince

  • Best Female Trouper: Diana Hunt

  • Best Male Trouper:  Jesse Brande

1979-80 Stronger

Dr. George Kramer and Dr. Joseph Murray (having received his doctorate in Physical Education) and Tom Cockley continued to coach the Troupe.

Despite the disappointment of not having a Home Show, many of the troupers returned the next year.  Along with a crew of pledges, they had a new determination to succeed.

"Well they came back stronger, and motivated, and they found out, I guess, that they couldn't get by without producing quality work." 

- Dr. George Kramer

Road show season went well, with shows in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania and everything was being prepared for Home Show when a wrench was thrown into the works.  At the last minute, Student Entertainment Enterprises tried to schedule a Jimmy Buffet concert in Cole Field House during Home Show week.  After much consideration about the advisability of having a Home Show after a shortened week of practice, the Gymkana Troupe decided not to allow the concert.  Despite the protests of many students, the Troupe went on to give its 33rd Annual Home Show (in the 34th year of the Troupe), "University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe Tours Ancient Rome." Complete with emperors and  plenty of togas, the Troupe made its way through the glory and splendor that was ancient Rome.

After not having put together a Home Show the previous year, the Troupe had once again found its way.


  • Cambridge South Dorchester H.S.

  • Golden Ring Junior H.S.

  • Hagerstown Junior College

  • University of Delaware

  • University of Baltimore

  • Western Maryland College

  • Thomas Stone High School

  • Southwestern High School

  • Home Show