1976 - 1977

Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coaches: Joseph Murray and Kaye Quinn

Officer Body

  • President: Scott Highton

  • Vice President: Eric Skoog

  • Secretary: Delia Burke

  • Treasurer: Garry Kluger

  • Historian: Anne Dowd

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Vaulting - Eric Skoog, Eric Silvester, George Granofsky, Al Murphy, Jim Haskell, Matt McCauley, Jim Lowery, Garry Kluger, Frank Rose, Tom Fortes, Rafaelito Sison, W. Lee Young, Bernie Bohince, Scott Highton, Eric Ingersoll, Bob Hallwig, Dave Reynolds

  • Best Female Trouper: Gina Casale

  • Best Male Trouper: Bob Hallwig

Energy to Go

Dr. George Kramer and Joe Murray were assisted in the directing of the Troupe this year by Kaye Quinn, a graduate assistant in Physical Education. For her efforts in helping to coach the group, Kaye was awarded an honorary membership on the Troupe.  

The campus had a rise in interest towards gymnastics this year, in part due to several events. The first was the formation of a girls competitive gymnastics team. The second event took place on December 3, when the Soviet Olympic Gymnastics team, with Olga Korbut, performed at Cole Field House.  Doing their part as Ambassadors of Good Will, troupers helped to set up the show equipment and presented the Soviet gymnasts with Maryland hats and Gymkana patches.

Gymkana’s road show season consisted of shows at community colleges and high schools in Maryland and Virginia. With oil embargos, odd-even days on filling car gas tanks, and block long lines at the gas stations, energy use and conservation was an important topic of the day. In line with this, the Troupe chose as its theme, "A Gymnastics Show with Energy to Go".

"After this coldest of winters, we all know the great demand for energy and the need to conserve it.  So sit back and conserve your energy while you watch the hottest show this side of the sun.  Hope we ignite you while you enjoy our 'Gymnastic Show with Energy to Go', warmly presented to you by this year's University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe."  

1977 Home Show Program

The show featured women doing Hoops, a type of dance routine using large wooden hoops, and, after a hiatus of almost 30 years, a Ropes routine.


  • Frederick Community College

  • Arbutus Junior High School

  • Archbishop Keough High School

  • Hagerstown Junior College

  • MD-Duke Basketball Halftime

  • Salisbury State College

  • Powhatan School

  • Southern High School

  • Golden Ring Junior High School

  • Home Show