1974 - 1975

74-75 troupe 2.jpg

Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coach: Joseph Murray

Officer Body

  • President: Bob Hallwig

  • Vice President: Cecelia Harvey

  • Secretary: Jack Downs

  • Treasurer: Eric Silvester

  • Historian: Sonya Cooper

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Women's Triples Balancing - Barbara Beal, Leslee Carpenter, Gina Casale, Sonya Cooper, Soozie Eisen, Sally Griffin, Cecelia Harvey, Debbie Ing, Mary McGowan, Debbie Nelson, Eleane Norat, Mary Jo Pagano, and Joy Tupac

  • Best Female Trouper: Cecelia Harvey

  • Best Male Trouper: Fred Altiere

Let's Hang Loose

"This past season has been an especially exciting one taking us to West Virginia, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, and also on a week-end trip to the northern New Jersey and New York area. The excitement and thrill of performing our very best for an audience is a feeling that we the troupers share together and one that unites each individual performance into the show unit."

1975 Home Show Program

A Women's Balancing act this year involved four groups of Women's Triples, the largest number of triples groups to perform at the same time for Gymkana.  The act went on to win the 1974-75 Best Act Award.

For its 1975 Home Show, the Troupe chose the theme "Let's Hang Loose With Dr. Seuss."  Mary McGowan took on the role of the Cat in the Hat, as emcee.  

The show included a reprise of Men's Doubles Balancing from Dr. Kramer and Joseph Murray, done on a twenty foot tower.


  • Western Junior High School

  • Martinsburg High School

  • Walter Johnson High School

  • Prospect Hall High School

  • Brandywine High School

  • Fort Hunt High School

  • Golden Ring Junior High School

  • Washington Township High School

  • Harborsfields High School

  • Rutgers State University

  • Allegany Community College

  • Thomas Jefferson High School

  • Potomac Senior High School

  • Home Show