1972 - 1973

Director: George F. Kramer

Acting Director: Joe Murray

Officer Body

  • President: Dale Thompson

  • Vice President: Ken Friedman

  • Secretary: Nancy Fox

  • Treasurer: Kathie Court

  • Historian: Fred Altiere

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Chairs - Janelle Boisvert, Dale Thompson, and Bob Schwartz

  • Best Female Trouper: Kathie Court

  • Best Male Trouper: Dale Thompson

Wowie Zowie Boink!

Sixty troupers, under the direction of Dr. George Kramer and his assistant, Joseph Murray, comprised the Gymkana Troupe for the year.

Seventeen years after Gymkana's Home Show entitled, "Cartoon Capers", the Troupe returned to the theme of comic strip characters and adventures with the theme, "Wowie Zowie Boink--A Kartoon Kaleidoscope".

"Since the turn of the century, comic strips have entertained people of all ages and types... Oddly enough there seems to be a comic character that is like virtually every person and fits almost every dream. Tonight you will come with the Gymkana Troupe on a trip through the comic strips. As you travel with us, watch these well known comic characters spring to life through the personalities of the acts that they fit and fantasize."

1973 Home Show Program

Starting with Superman on Vaulting and finishing with Mighty Mouse on the Trampoline, with seventeen other acts in between, the Troupe made a whirlwind tour of the comic world, then ended the show with a presentation of Statuary.

Noteworthy is the fact that Fred Altiere, a member of the Troupe and the one who drew the cover for the Home Show Program, was a cartoonist with his own series, "Scriblits", in the Diamondback.


  • Frederick Community College

  • Walter Johnson Junior High School

  • Laurel High School

  • Wildlake Middle School

  • Potomac High School

  • Shepherd College

  • Frederick Douglas High School

  • Prince George's Community College

  • Home Show