1968 - 1969

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Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coach: Joe Murray

Officer Body

  • President: Mike Witenstein
  • Vice President: Douglas Davidson
  • Secretary: Jane Hargett
  • Treasurer: Peter Howe
  • Historian: Linda Chubb

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Women's Triples Balancing - Patty Pope, Linda Chubb, and Mary Lou Vaden
  • Best Female Trouper: Linda Chubb and Jane Hargett
  • Best Male Trouper: Oscar Benisek

1, 2, 3,... Infinity

"Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice and happiness, which are everything in the world."
Pascal (used in 1969 Home Show Program)

Dr. Kramer continued on as director of the Troupe, once again assisted by Joe Murray.  

Angela Ball, Dr. Kramer's secretary, was made an honorary member of the Troupe, for her work with the Troupe.  

The road show season consisted of trips to local high schools.  The first road show was dedicated to the memory of President John F. Kennedy.

Contrary to the atmosphere of the country the previous year, around the time of Home Show there was a feeling of indomitability in the air.  The United States was on schedule to send its first men to the moon, just inside the deadline ("before the decade is out") set by former President John F. Kennedy.  The euphoria was reflected in the Troupe's Home Show theme, "One, two, three... Infinity"

"Since the dawn of time, roughly a hundred billion human beings have walked planet Earth.  By a curious coincidence there are approximately a hundred billion stars in our local universe, the Milky Way.  So for every man who has ever lived in this universe there shines a star, each one brilliant and steadfast in its own intimate glory.  How many of these distant realms are now inhabited and by what manner of creatures?  We have no way of answering these questions.  This task lies ahead in the remote goals of generations to come.  But the barriers of distance are crumbling, one day we shall meet our equals, or our masters, among the stars."
1969 Home Show Program

From Vaulting as "Meteors", which involved flipping through the fire hoop, through Pyramids as "The Globular Cluster Hercules" and Parallel Bars as "Narrow Passages" to Women's Triples Balancing, "Altair", the Troupe took its audiences on a tour of the Universe.


  • Severna Park Junior High School
  • North Bethesda Junior High School
  • Leland Junior High School
  • Chestertown Rotary Club
  • Westminster Junior High School
  • Francis Scott Key Junior High School
  • Kenwood High School
  • South Carroll High School
  • Morgan State College
  • Home Show