1971 - 1972

Director: George F. Kramer

Assistant Coaches: Joe Murray and Mike Witenstein

Officer Body

  • President: Aaron Johnson

  • Vice President: Dale Thompson

  • Secretary: Kathie Court

  • Treasurer: Marlen Baege

  • Historian: Louis Ongsingco

Award Recipients

  • Best Act: Rings - Rick Bradley, John Cannon, Marc Fisher, Aaron Johnson, Bill Newby, Jerry Scheinberg, and Joe Watts

  • Best Female Trouper: Marlen Baege

  • Best Male Trouper: Aaron Johnson

New Worlds

Dr. George Kramer, and his assistant Joe Murray, continued to coach the Troupe.  Also assisting them was Mike Witenstein, a Best Trouper and former president of the Troupe.

The Troupe that year was one of the largest ever, with fifty-seven members, well over half of them being pledges.  

The Troupe's road show included part time and full time shows to local high schools, as well as a one day trip to put on a performance at Jersey City State College in New Jersey.

The theme for Home Show that year was "The Fifth World of Gulliver".      

"Ever since our founding in 1946, the Gymkana Troupe has been a traveling organization spreading good will through the medium of gymnastics. Over the years, the Troupe has made trips on the local, national, and international level. All in all, we are a much travelled troupe with a history of fascinating journeys. It is in honor of our accomplishments as voyagers that we bring Gulliver, another accomplished traveler, into our lives. After journeys to four different lands, Gulliver joins with the Gymkana Troupe and enters the realm of gymnastics - "The Fifth World of Gulliver".

1972 Home Show Program


  • Corkran Junior High School

  • Jersey City State College

  • G. Gardner Shugart Junior High School

  • John F. Kennedy High School

  • Westminster High School

  • Walter Johnson Junior High School

  • Southern High School

  • Prince George's Community College

  • Home Show