1994 - 1995

1995 Troupe 2.jpg

Director: Joseph Murray

Assistant Coaches: Robert Nelligan, Josh Montfort, and Todd Supple

Officer Body

  • President: Jonathan Szczepanski

  • Vice President: Scott Welsh

  • Secretary: Patricia Padrino

  • Treasurer: Michelle Smith

  • Historian: Kelly Soltysiak

Award Recipients

  • Best Act:  Uneven Parallel Bars - Michelle Gerlitzki, Carrie Jensen, Sandy Nguyen, Megan O'Bryan, Danielle Offen, Anna Padlan, Patricia Padrino, Andrea Shreni

  • Best Female Trouper: Andrea Shreni

  • Best Male Trouper: Scott Welsh

1994-95 M.O.S.T.

"Gymkana has taught me self discipline and a healthy respect for my body.  If you respect yourself and your body, there's nothing you can't do."

- Jose Teneza (1995 Home Show Program)

Metro Orthopedics & Sports Therapy (M.O.S.T.) became Gymkana's first (and so far only) major business sponsor.  The business is owned and operated by Dr. Steven Smith, father of Michelle Smith, a trouper.

A new act for the year was Foot Bagging, a sport involving constantly kicking a small leather ball, trying to keep it in the air. It was performed by Philip Klavon.

Home Show was a success that year.  At the alumni party afterwards much of the talk seemed to be about the coming year and  Gymkana's 50th Anniversary.  One year to go and counting.


  • Central High School

  • MD-Duke Basketball Halftime Show

  • Winston Churchill High School

  • Stephen Decatur High School

  • North Carroll High School

  • Milton Summers Middle School

  • Biglerville High School

  • Easton High School

  • John Stricker Middle School

  • Oakland Mills Middle School

  • Home Show