1986 - 1987

1987 Troupe 2.jpg

Director: Joseph Murray

Assistant Coaches: George F. Kramer & Robert Nelligan

Officer Body

  • President: Dave Rudel

  • Vice President: Mike Lorenzen

  • Secretary: Jody Steinberg

  • Treasurer: Nick Gallagher

  • Historian: Stacey Collins

Award Recipients

  • Best Act:  Mixed Triples Balancing - Carlos Menendez, Dave Rudel, and Eileen Huecker

  • Best Female Trouper: Stacey Collins

  • Best Male Trouper: Mike Lorenzen

1986-87 “Never Ending Challenge”

"In a world where the road to intercollegiate sports has been potholed by student behavior that has been illegal, dishonest, irresponsible, and unhealthy, the Gymkana Troupe has been a breath of fresh air.  This highly disciplined and drug-free group of young men and women keep alive the noble concept of "student athlete": persons who place a high priority on education and who secondarily engage in sports for purposes of recreation and health and personal development.  I can imagine no more useful role models for a society threatened by mental-and-physical-take-it-easy-ism, depression, suicide, and drug addiction.  With personal behavior as their testimony, the Gymkana Troupe light the way to healthy and rewarding life styles for all of us."

- Dean John Burt 

"It is our hope to affect the attitudes and self worth of students by showing them that they can say no to drugs, that there are alternatives to drugs such as sports and that there are many young people throughout the nation actually practicing a healthful drug-free life style.  Each Gymkana member hopes to touch the lives of others in a way that assures experiences for developing a positive attitude and a self image necessary to contribute to a caring society."

- Dr. Joseph Murray

"As a member of Gymkana I have learned that who I am must come from within myself.  I am the one in control of my life.  And I have found that the joys in life are so much easier to see with a clear mind."

- Joanne Cavanaugh, Trouper

With the notoriety that the Troupe now was gaining from its drive for drug-free living, it found itself in greater demand to put on road shows at local schools.

With all of the challenges that Gymkana had faced, it was appropriate to choose as a Home Show theme "The Never Ending Challenge of Life".  

"The challenges of life are truly never-ending.  How we face those challenges defines our attitude towards life and our satisfaction in it.  We, the members of the Gymkana Troupe, present tonight's performance as a celebration of challenge and triumph."  

- 1987 Home Show Program 

Like the 1967 Home Show, "Twenty One... Coming of Age", each act in the show depicted some aspect or challenge in life from "Morning Rush Hour", Vaulting, to "Climbing the Corporate Ladder", Ladders of course, to "Living on the Edge", Balance Beam.

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