1989 - 1990

1990 Troupe 2.jpg

Director: Joseph Murray

Assistant Coaches: David Rudel and Robert Nelligan

Officer Body

  • President: Bill Melrose

  • Vice President: Chris Sturek

  • Secretary: Sara Pula

  • Treasurer: Steve Miller

  • Historian: Joanne Minerbi

Award Recipients

  • Best Act:  Tumbling - Christine Baudier, Amy Blumenthal, Jill Brooks, Michael Brown, Stacey Collins, Alyssa D'Arienzo, Brian Fielder, Jamie Forchheimer, Marcie Gutierrez, Christi McDonald, Bill Melrose, Sarah Melrose, Josh Montfort, Susie Morrison, Cecilia Padlan, Imran Razvi, Allan Rivera, Chris Sturek, and Tom Vizioli

  • Best Female Trouper: Chris Sturek

  • Best Male Trouper: Bill Melrose

1989-90 Something To Say Yes To

“Say ‘No’ to drugs - This is what the media, our teachers, and our parents constantly tell us.  This is an important statement, but we are rarely given anything to say ‘YES’ to.  I joined Gymkana because it is a fun and healthy alternative to the otherwise destructive choice of drugs.”

- Bill Melrose (1990 Home Show Program)

Gymkana's road show season once again took it to schools throughout Maryland as well as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In past years, the troupers had chosen everything from stories, to historical times, to comic strips as themes for their Home Show.  This year, however, the Troupe chose simply to center the show more on gymnastics instead of on a Home Show theme.

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