1991 - 1992

Director: Joseph Murray

Assistant Coaches: David Rudel and Robert Nelligan

Officer Body

  • President: John Reno

  • Vice President: Josh Montfort

  • Secretary: Jennifer Kimball

  • Treasurer: Anna Padlan

  • Historian: Michele Dick

Award Recipients

  • Best Act:  Mixed Quads Balancing - John Reno, Chris Sturek, Larry Wilson, and Susie Morrison

  • Best Female Trouper: Anna Padlan

  • Best Male Trouper: John Reno

1991-92 Imagination

"There is so much in life and so little time.  I believe that one should experience all that there is.  Gymkana has shown me the way to self-esteem and discipline."

- Bruce Goddard (1992 Home Show Program) 

The Home Show theme for that year was "Figments of the Imagination".  This would turn out to be the last year that the Troupe would use a theme for its Home Show.

1991-1992 Itinerary

  • MD-West Virginia Basketball Halftime Show

  • Stephen Decater Middle School

  • South River High School

  • Calvert High School

  • Centerville Middle School

  • South Western High School

  • MD-NC Basketball Halftime Show

  • University of Maryland Drug Awareness Day

  • North Carrol High School

  • Talbot County High School

  • Kent County High School

  • Home Show