1992 - 1993

1993 Troupe 2.jpg

Director: Joseph Murray

Assistant Coaches: David Rudel, Robert Nelligan, and Todd Supple

Officer Body

  • President: Jeremy Dukes

  • Vice President: Julio Perillan

  • Secretary: Christine Redding

  • Treasurer: Andrea Shreni

  • Historian: Bruce Goddard

Award Recipients

  • Best Act:  Mixed Triples Balancing - Michael Dehner, Joshua Montfort, and Jennifer Kimball

  • Best Female Trouper: Jennifer Kimball and Christine Redding

  • Best Male Trouper: Bruce Goddard and Julio Perillan

1992-93 “The Dance of Life”

“With a gymnast’s pride

We celebrate the dance of life.

And with strength from inside,

We overcome any obstacle or strife.

A drug free existence;

The creed by which we live.

Through our actions, efforts, and persistence,

To you, this message we give:

Put all of your heart and soul,

In everything you do.

Then you can achieve the ultimate goal,

In any dream that you pursue.

For a winner is not always the one 

who does the best,

But the one who rises to the challenge and manages

to pass the test.”

- Yuri Achille

Todd Supple, an alumnus of the Troupe, joined the coaching staff as an assistant this year.

The road show season took the Troupe to high schools and colleges throughout Maryland. 

The Troupe chose to forego the use of a theme for its Home Show this year, instead putting the effort more into other aspects of the show.  This would become the new tradition of the Troupe.

As in the early 70s, with Fred Altiere, the Gymkana Troupe could claim a cartoonist for the Diamondback as one of its members. Now the bestselling author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Jeff Kinney’s comic strip “Igdoof” became so popular on campus that it spawned a market in t-shirts and other merchandise among the students. Below Jeff shows how to get a little free advertising for Home Show.

1993 Itinerary