1950 - 1951

Director: David A. Field (Fall), Dr. Warren Johnson (Spring)

  • President: Charles Fulton
  • Vice President: Al Kuckhoff
  • Secretary: Virginia Ritter
  • Treasurer: Clifford Gonyer
  • Gymnastic Chairman: Stanley Rae
  • Best Act (tie):
    • "The Jesters" (Comedy Balancing) - Nick Bringas, George Kramer, Joe Rostkowski, and George Terrell
    • "Anthony and Cleopatra" (Mixed Doubles Balancing) - Marion Copping and Tony Lisehora
  • Best Female Trouper: Marion Copping
  • Best Male Trouper: Tony Lisehora


Gymnastics Team

Although it had lost some of its veterans,  the team had high hopes at the beginning of its season.  New talent had been recruited including George Kramer.  David Field had scheduled several meets, including competitions against Army, Navy, and Penn State, considered to be the "Big Three" of gymnastics at that time.  But problems soon started for the team.

The first blow to the team was the loss of Mr. Field as its head coach, shortly after the competitive season had begun.  Due to the need to fulfill teaching requirements for his doctorate, he had to give up coaching the team in order to teach physical education in public school at the start of the 1951 spring semester.  Ironically, Mr. Field's last intercollegiate meet was against Florida State University (one of the top six teams in the country that year) coached by Mr. Field's old mentor, Dr. Hartley Price.  The Maryland team hosted the meet in the Coliseum.  But the mentor still had a few things to teach his student.  Florida's team, with Olympic gymnast Bill Roetzheim, won that competition. 

With Mr. Field’s departure, Peter Wisher, assistant coach up until that time, became head coach.  Dr. Warren Johnson served as faculty advisor, and under the heading of "no good deed goes unpunished", soon got the mumps while on one of the team's road trips.

Hindered by injuries and illnesses (including mumps and influenza) of many of the team members, the Gymnastic team lost many of its early competitions, including one against North Carolina. 

By March, however, the team had recovered enough to take the D.C.A.A.U. Championship for the third time, then go on to two victories, one against North Carolina, and the other a win over the Duke Blue Devils. 

With a mixed performance, the team’s drive for varsity status wasdiminished.  Although individuals from the Troupe would compete for many years afterwards, 1950-51 was the last year that the University of Maryland had a men's gymnastic team.



Interest in Gymkana at the start of the year was higher than ever.  It was reported that eighty people showed up for the first practice.  Not all stuck with the program, however.

One of the new pieces of equipment to be used by the Troupe that year was the trampolet, or mini trampoline.  Used in place of a springboard, the minitramp allowed for more exciting moves in the vaulting acts. 

New comedy acts included a comedy mirror act and a juggling comedy act, "Juggling in the Rough", performed by Tom Mallonee. 

The Troupe once again also had a magician in its ranks.  This time it was Dick Gray, already well known throughout the area, who thrilled audiences with his "fire eating" acts as well as other 'scintillating sorcery'.

      The road show season had approximately eighteen performances on and off campus, starting in the fall semester and including a three day trip to Pennsylvania. 

Like the Gymnastic team, Gymkana did suffer from the loss of David Field as the director, as well as from injuries and sickness, including a mumps 'epidemic' amongst the troupers.  Dr. Warren Johnson, in addition to serving with the Gymnastic team, also took over as faculty advisor for the Gymkana Troupe during the spring semester. 

Despite all the adversity, the Troupe was able to put on its annual Home Show on April 5 and 6, 1951.  This year's theme was "TV Review". 

"The Terp family has decided to watch television.  After the usual arguments about which show to see, they compromise on 'Jimmie Lambros Review' starring the Gymkana Troupe of the University of Maryland."
1951 Home Show Program

'Jimmie Lambros' was Demetrios Lambros, a newcomer to Gymkana.  In addition to serving as emcee, he sang comedy versions of "Peanut Parody" and "Laura".