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What you will find are brief sections devoted to each year of the Gymkana Troupe, with highlights, pictures, etc.  The people in the pictures were identified whenever it was possible (i.e. recognized by the editor or identified in notations with the pictures). When possible, each of these sections ends with one page showing that year’s Troupe, the show itinerary, a listing of the coaches, officers, Best Troupers and Best Act, and a copy of the Home Show program cover.  Listings of the members of the Troupes are also included for years in which they were available. A more extensive collection of Gymkana media is located in the University of Maryland archives and are linked for your reference. Please note that the officers listed are generally those that were shown in the Home Show program.  This may seem misleading since current terms of office (February to February) do not match up with Gymkana years (September to April).  Also note that the itineraries do contain shows that were later canceled, due to weather conditions, etc. 

Sections are also devoted to various themes, events, acts, and figures of significance throughout Gymkana's history.

One final note -  Despite the efforts of all of those involved in this project, there are bound to be mistakes and gaps in information.  Feel free to send your comments, corrections, and contributions to Ben Prescott at bpresc51@umd.edu.  Thanks and enjoy!


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